Orthodontics and Invisalign in Melbourne


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The desire for a beautiful straight smile has led to Invisalign® becoming the preferred orthodontic treatment of choice for most teens and adults at Birdseye Dental Group because they are virtually invisible.

The greatest concern people have about braces is the aesthetic impact of the metal wires and the effect this can have social and professional situations, making them reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® eliminates these concerns.

Invisalign® is twice as fast as conventional metal braces, and cost almost the same price! An Invisalign® aligner is made from a transparent hard plastic that fits so precisely over your teeth that it is virtually invisible. They are created from detailed impression moulds of your teeth, then using advanced 3-D computer imaging software, the dentists at Birdseye Dental Group are able to create 3 animated clips which will outline your treatment progress on screen before you even begin.

Suitable for both top and bottom teeth, each set of aligners is replaced every two weeks. With each new set your teeth are moved a little more until they have straightened to the final correct position.

Invisalign® aligners are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them and unlike fixed braces they can be easily removed so you can eat all your favourite foods as well as brush and floss thoroughly. Additionally, being clear means that people won't know you’re wearing them, unless you tell them.

With Invisalign®, you can enjoy life while achieving the straight smile you have always wanted without compromising on your appearance.

Conventional Fixed Braces

While most patients are suitable for Invisalign®, some people may require more intensive orthodontic treatment to correct jaw as well as tooth alignment.

Today’s modern fixed braces are much finer and lighter than in the past, usually using tooth-coloured brackets on the front teeth to make them less obvious. Another type of braces, called “Lingual Braces” are place behind the teeth to make them "invisible".

Removable Orthodontic Plates

Orthodontic treatment is typically prescribed for younger patients around 6-9 years of age while their teeth and facial bones are still developing. This enables them to be guided into their optimal position easier than when in their teenage years.

Early treatment may eliminate the possible need for extractions or fixed braces when children get older or make them suitable for Invisalign®.

Schedule a FREE assessment appointment with Dr Birdseye who can discuss with you the best treatment solution so you too can have a perfectly aligned smile.

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